Guildwork, for Windower

Enhance your FINAL FANTASY XI experience with the Windower plugin!

Download now—it's free!


Message a friend on Guildwork using their username.

/m stanislav How is it going?


Reply to the last person to message you on Guildwork.

/r Pretty well!

Who's Online

See who is currently online on Guildwork.

/gw who

Filter the list

/gw who stan


Broadcast to a profile or a specific site.

/gw broadcast I just finished my Aegis!


Upload the last screenshot taken by Windower.

/gw screenshot
Upload to a specific album
/gw screenshot --album "Fun Times"
Upload to a specific site
/gw screenshot --site ex-online
Upload and broadcast
/gw screenshot "lolwipe"

AH History

Query for an item on the current character's server.

/ffxiah Red Curry
Query for a stack
/ffxiah -s Red Curry

Bazaar Search

Search bazaars for an item on the current character's server.

/gw bazaars T. Whiteshell
Restrict results to maximum price
/gw bazaars --max 7000 T. Whiteshell


Show latest shouts from current server.

/gw shouts
Only show last 25 shouts
/gw shouts 25


Flushes any changes about the current character to Guildwork.

/gw flush


Open the settings page.

/gw settings


Get help for any command.

/gw -h
Help for a specific command
/gw screenshot -h