Guildwork, for Windower

Enhance your FINAL FANTASY XI experience with the Windower plugin!

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Instant Profile Updates

Instant Profile Updates

Never wait for Linkshell Community updates again. The plugin will update your Guildwork and FFXIAH profilesin real-time. It also updates your relics, mythics, empyreans and synergy.

Guildwork Chat

Guildwork Chat

Talk to your friends on Guildwork as easily as you would in-game.

Upload Screenshots

Upload Screenshots

Share screenshots easily through Guildwork with a single command. /gw screenshot



Keep your play time organized with an in-game version of the Guildwork schedule.

Shouts Premium


Tired of sitting in town to monitor shouts? Have shouts streamed to you in real-time in any zone.

Remote Chat Premium

Remote Chat

Ever wish you could chat with your friends who are in-game when you're away from the game? With Guildwork's web interface, you can chat anytime.

Remote Chat (Mobile) Premium

Remote Chat (Mobile)

Take remote chat to the next level using Guildwork XMPP. Talk through your character using yourfavorite IM client on your smart phone!

AH Notifications Premium

Auction House Notifications

Receive instant notifications when your items sell or when an item you want is in stock.

AH History Premium

Auction House History

Query the auction house history without leaving the game. As easy as typing /ffxiah Fire Crystal.

Bazaar Search Premium

Bazaar Search

Looking for an item that doesn't sell on the aucton house? Find a seller by simply typing /gw bazaars T. Whiteshell.

Bazaar Notifications Premium

Bazaar Notifications

Receive instant notifications when items in your wanted list appear in bazaars.